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  • Cortus is your Partner for Success with your next ASIC. We offer a complete “from Idea to Silicon” service.

  • Our leading experts have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of innovative systems solutions and extensive knowledge of ASIC design and verification.

  • Our engineers have many years of experience developing IP for our customers and us. They have contributed to the success of many customer ASIC projects and will share their passion for a job well done with you.

StarChip®’s GAIA security architecture includes the high-performance  32-bit Arx Secure Core based on Cortus IP

“APS3s allows the StarChip® team to use the best design practices and to implement state-of-the-art and innovative security mechanisms while optimizing the overall gate count of the CPU” Yves Fusella, CTO

StarChip®’s MassPro platform for SIM cards is based on Cortus’ 32-bit MCU architecture.

Used in versions of the Discretix CryptoCell, the APS3 core has been deployed in high volumes for a variety of smartphones, tablets and home devices

“Cortus’ APS3 CPU gave us a stable, low-gate-count basis for our security processors. The processor was very easy to integrate and to extend for our needs.” Amit Shofar, VP Business Development.

Discretix (rebranded Sansa Security) was acquired by Arm in 2015.

Certicom (a Blackberry subsidiary) has used Cortus cores for multiple Elliptic Curve Cryptography designs.

“The APS3 helped us meet our design goals and provided the required processing performance. The APS co-processor interface allowed the integration of our specific algorithm elements directly into the instruction set enabling efficient firmware to be developed” Dan O’Loughlin Director of Hardware Technology