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Cortus supplies a complete set of software development tools, including graphical IDE, fro the complete range of processors, RISC-V and the Cortus ISAs.

With Cortus specific optimisations to both improve the execution speed and the final code size, for both RISC-V and Coruts ISA processors.

Optimised for code size and performance in embedded systems.

Including link time optimisations.

Which operates with OpenOCD to talk to the OCD hardware over JTAG.

For both RISC-V and the Cortus ISA processors.

The IDE Features

  • Toolchain is fully integrated, supplied as a single installer

    • C/C++ Compiler, with Cortus’ optimisations
    • Linker
    • Debugger – including configured OpenOCD
  • Instruction Set Simulator

  • Open OCD to talk to the hardware platform

The Cortus Software Tools
The features of the RISC-V Dev Board

The Cortus IDE features integration with Real Time Operating systems, for example a dynamic thread view, showing the details of the executing threads:

Coverage Report

Tools such as coverage and profiling are available, in an easy to read graphical setting.

Profiling report

All the tools you need to develop your application.

In one simple installer!