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The EtherTag Debugging Solution

The Cortus EtherTag is an Ethernet JTAG debugging solution. It provides a bridge between an Ethernet network and a JTAG interface.

The Cortus EtherTag™ JTAG interface is an easy to use networked debug solution. It offers a user-friendly interface between your Ethernet local network and the JTAG interface on your board. This enables, fast, hassle free programming, debugging and configuring of your design, either on the desk, in the lab down the corridor or even offsite.

The EtherTag™ is fully compatible with all of Cortus’ debug tools and solutions.

The high speed JTAG interface ensures that programming and debugging are quick and responsive. A wide voltage range (1.65–5.5V) is supported and it automatically adapts to the input voltage vref.

Up to 8 CPUs are supported with four debuggers and four TAP controllers, ensuring that most complex debugging situations can be handled.

A Web interface makes configuration quick and flexible, no matter how many cores and other JTAG devices are on the chain.