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  • Cortus is your Partner for Success with your next ASIC. We offer a complete “from Idea to Silicon” service.

  • Our leading experts have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of innovative systems solutions and extensive knowledge of ASIC design and verification.

  • Our engineers have many years of experience developing IP for our customers and us. They have contributed to the success of many customer ASIC projects and will share their passion for a job well done with you.

The Cortus MCU Platform

The Cortus MCU platforms are a set of preconfigured and dimensioned SoC blocks. They are carefully balanced in terms of power/performance, enabling a wide range of embedded and deeply embedded systems to be developed rapidly and with ease. The use of a Cortus MCU Platform ensures a minimum silicon area for a maximum of functionality.

Accompanying the MCU Platform is a complete set of tools and ecosystem, enabling rapid application development. The toolchain, available to licensees, includes IDE, GNU GCC compiler, debugger (including OpenOCD) and the Cortus Development Platform FPGA board. There are also a selection of ported real time operating systems available off-the-shelf.