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  • Cortus is your Partner for Success with your next ASIC. We offer a complete “from Idea to Silicon” service.

  • Our leading experts have an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of innovative systems solutions and extensive knowledge of ASIC design and verification.

  • Our engineers have many years of experience developing IP for our customers and us. They have contributed to the success of many customer ASIC projects and will share their passion for a job well done with you.

Cortus IoT Platform
Making Connectivity Secure & Affordable

The Cortus IoT Platform requires minimal external components, but has a high level of functionality. The wide range of interfacing options and ultra low power consumption makes this the ideal solution for the Internet of Things.

At the heart is a high performance, low power radio transceiver, with a -115 dbm receive sensitivity (25 kHz channel) and 10 dBm output power. The selectivity of better than 55 dBc (at 200 kHz) makes communication reliable even in the noisy ISM bands. Built-in antenna matching ensures that antenna selection is eased without compromising performance. Ultra low power RSSI enables channel scanning without compromising battery life.