Custom IC Design

From Chip to Cloud

We offer a complete solution. Cortus is able to offer cost-effective connectivity and secure chips with a complete software solution from Chip to Cloud through our IoT platform as well as platforms for consumer and automotive MCUs.

One of our particular areas of expertise is System Architecture. This is critical to creating the silicon & software that is key to the product you require to succeed. Our prototyping approach, including virtual prototyping, enables us to establish, with you, the hardware/software and digital/analog trade-offs that can be key to a successful product. This is a key aspect of hardware software integration and is validated though our experience in hardware/software simulation.

Once implemented instrumentation enables fine tuning of the architecture for performance, power consumption or silicon area (either in logic or in Flash size).

Following from System Architecture is IP development. Our large IP portfolio means that we are very familiar with our own IP and can select and/or develop the right implementations that integrate well together.

When this has been established the Analog, RF, Digital and Mixed Signal design comes into play, without forgetting the integration of the software and embedded protocol stacks.

We have experience of developing specialised co-processors to implement specific algorithms in domains such as cryptology, image processing and convolutional neural networks (CNN).

A Word about Security

Because we understand and own a very large part of the IP we have a holistic approach to security, we can integrate security features from the registers of the CPU right to the pins of your ASIC in a consistent and coherent way. This is an approach that simple assemblers of other peoples’ IP cannot offer. Contact us to understand how this approach will make your product secure and compliant, and successful!

Join our other customers in using our skills in system architecture.

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