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The Cortus Development Platform

The Cortus Development Platform is an ideal tool for evaluating and prototyping the full range of Cortus 32 bit processors and multi-core systems.

It features a Xilinx Spartan -6 X75 which is large enough to prototype substantial single and multicore systems based around Cortus processors.

1 Mbyte of high speed synchronous static RAM is available for application use, giving single cycle access for systems running at up to 100 MHz.

A USB interface, driven by an FTDI FT2232H, assures the JTAG connection (Windows and Linux drivers are available) which is fully compatible with Cortus tools. A second channel (over the same USB interface) provides a UART connection to the system being prototyped, ideal for terminal applications.
A 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet transceiver PHY is directly connected to the FPGA. This Texas Instruments DP83848 Ethernet transceiver with media independent interface (MMI) is fully compatible with the Cortus Ethernet MAC. Cortus supplies full drivers enabling TCP/IP networking to be easily incorporated into your applications.