About Cortus

Cortus was founded in 2005. Initially we concentrated on creating a processor ecosystem specifically designed for embedded, low power and low silicon footprint SoCs and ASICs – without compromising processing power.

We now have a complete processor ecosystem, processors (our own architectures and RISC-V), toolchains, IDE and all the necessary peripherals and support circuitry – and more!

We now provide complete solutions to our customers creating successful products in a diverse range of sectors.

Cortus also has a unique combination of compiler, HW, SW, system architecture and integration expertise enabling efficient implementation of complex systems.

Cortus is one of the dozen Platinum Founding Members of the RISC-V Foundation. This has enabled us to leverage our processor expertise into the standards and to ensure that our implementations are both conforming and optimal.

Cortus actively participates in key standards activity and has a board member of the DASH 7 Alliance.

Cortus thanks the European Commission for their support.
Nous remercions la Région Occitanie - Cortus thanks the Région Occitanie.
Nous remercions BPI France pour leur soutien -Cortus thanks BPI France for their support.
Cortus is a Founding Platimum Member RISC-V
Cortus is a member of MinaLogic
Cortus is a member of the DASH7 Alliance

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