Cortus SAS Announces Mr. Gordon Yang Guo-dong appointed Vice President of Business Development

14th November 2018, Mauguio, France

Cortus SAS France announces that it has appointed Mr. Yang Guo-dong, Gordon as its Vice President of Business Development as of 1st November 2018. Mr. Yang is currently the CEO of Cortus China. As CEO of Cortus China and VP of Business development for Cortus SAS, Mr. Yang will be responsible for the implementation of the business strategy that he was instrumental in defining with Cortus SAS executives over the last few months.

Mr. Yang studied Business Management at Tamkang University, Taiwan. He started his professional career in 1987 in the area of IBM PC computer clones, where he held various positions in marketing and sales at various operating companies in the Taiwan and abroad. In early 1994, he joined Beijing ZhonghengXingye, a conglomerate in Beijing as General Director, which has over RMB 40 billion sales turnover annually. In early 2014, Mr. Yang was the team leader who helped Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. (the China partner who turned IBM Server Business into a local Chinese company) to organize the technical team locally in China.

Mr. Michael Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cortus SAS France said “We are very pleased to be able to appoint Gordon Yang as Vice President of Business Development at Cortus SAS. Gordon Yang has experience in the field of business development, marketing, sales, retail and omni-channel e-commerce. His experience combined with his personal integrity and leadership style make him very suitable to define and implement the business development strategy of Cortus SAS, particularly with respect to its development in China.

Cortus SAS 法国 宣布,自2018年11月1日起,任命杨国栋先生为业务发展副总裁。杨先生现任Cortus中国区首席执行官。作为Cortus中国的首席执行官,杨先生将负责实施他在过去几个月与Cortus SAS 法国 高管制订业务战略方面如何发挥最大作用。

杨国栋先生毕业于台湾淡江大学企业管理。他于1987年在IBM PC计算机领域开始了自己的职业生涯,在台湾和国外的各个运营公司担任过各种营销和销售职位。 1994年初,他加入北京中恒兴业集团,担任总经理,每年销售额超过400亿元人民币。 2014年初,杨国栋先生担任团队负责人,帮助北京华胜天成科技有限公司(中国合作伙伴将IBM服务器业务转变为中国本土公司)在中国本地组建技术团队。

Cortus SAS 法国 总裁兼首席执行官Michael Chapman先生说:“我们很高兴能够任命杨国栋先生为Cortus SAS副总裁(业务开发)。 杨国栋先生在业务开发,营销,销售,零售和全渠道电子商务领域拥有丰富经验。他的经验与他的个人诚信和领导风格相结合,使他非常适合实施Cortus SAS 法国 的业务发展战略,特别是在中国的发展方面。

About Cortus S.A.S.:

Cortus is a leading semiconductor and embedded systems solutions company, headquartered in Mauguio (Montpellier area, South of France).

Cortus provides a large range of embedded systems solutions including HW, SW, processors (including RISC-V ISA processors), digital, and analog IPs, prototyping and verification solutions in different areas such as SIM cards, bank cards, A, automotive sensors, image processing, industrial controllers, M2M controllers, secure microcontrollers, sensors, smart meters, wireless, touch screen controllers and IoT devices. Cortus cores are inside the products made by over 50 companies and billions of devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processors and IPs.

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