ASIC/SoC Design

Cortus is a well known French ASIC/SoC Design company with a very large selection of their own proprietary IP including processors (Cortus proprietary ISA and RISC-V ISA) and many other Analog/RF, Mixed-Signal, Digital and Security (HW & SW) IP.

Cortus implements its own software stack consisting of compilers, assemblers, linkers, debuggers, RTOS and low-level software. For example, for the CIoT25 product we have developed the compete software stack including protocol, encryption and also gateway software for connection to the cloud.

With us you can create your leading edge, world beating product.

If you need something different to make you better than your competitors, then talk to us. We may well be able to come up with exactly what you need. Our highly experienced experts with their wide domain knowledge backed with our extensive IP portfolio will enable Cortus to architect the optimal silicon solution for your product.

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Analog & RF

  • Mixed Signal

  • Digital (Including our own processor IP)

  • Security

  • Toolchains (including secure toolchains for banking)

  • Protocols and RTOS

  • Embedded Software

  • SoC Architecture (hardware and software)

Join our other customers in using our skills in system architecture.

We believe that the success of a solution starts very early in the system architecture phase, where the hardware/software split or digital/analog split decisions are made. Our extensive experience of prototyping and virtual prototyping has been the key to success for a number of our customers.

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