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February 2016: A webinar presented by Cortus and Aspen Logic for IoT and M2M developers. Watch the recording to discover how it’s now possible to develop your own silicon for the IoT/M2M instead of using off-the-shelf components.

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Cortus was presented with the “Transition Numérique” prize at the 36 edition of the Des INN’OVATIONS.

Michael Chapman, Sebastien Ternat and Duc Nguyen Huu (right to left) were presented with a cheque for €15000.


In conjunction with the LIRMM and Inria, and with funding from the ANR, Cortus is developing a multi-core heterogeneous high performance computation platform. This new, innovative, architecture implemented on FPGA enables Cortus to put a new high performance core through its paces.
The test environment was re-thought to better meet the needs of the project with multi-tasking sequencers.
This innovative architecture has allowed Cortus to understand in greater depth and better exploit this multi-core architecture. This has given Cortus the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in the creation of a complete, complex, non-SMP system – that is powerful yet consumes little power. This approach has shown that a shared calculation approach can reduce power consumption when compared to traditional approaches.
In addition this project has been a platform allowing Cortus to validate Linux on high performance cores and assure a complete Linux & Core solution. This is a veritable show case of the “savoir faire” of Cortus.