The Cortus Community of Partners

A complete design environment for embedded processor IP cores supported by an extensive group of partners.

Operating Systems

Blunk Microsystems TargetOS™

Micrium, µC⁄OS–II® & µC⁄OS–III®

Real Time Engineers Ltd – FreeRTOS
HighIntgegritySystems – OPENRTOS®

MMU-less Linux


lwIP TCP/IP v4

CycloneTCP TCP/IP v4/v6

TargetTCP TCP/IP v4/v6

TargetFAT/XFS filesystems

TargetWeb web server

uNabto secure point-to-point SW

Security Foundation

CellNetrix CellSIM secure OS

OberonHAP cryptographic solution

StarChip secure controllers

Cortus processor cores have been the foundation for security solutions:

Secure Processor

Secure element

Secure execution environment

Secure communication